Noise, by KJ Parish

Excellent side-by-side comparison of Fireworks and Photoshop for interactive designers who are beginning to realize the limitations of Photoshop but are not really sure what Fireworks has to offer.

Just one of many new year’s resolutions: make a new & more fly Roh Delikat website

Someone is finally seeing the world through a smartphone.


The Universe on the Interweb

Rainy days are for making websites while listening to episodes of “The Universe” on the internet.

Things for your (designer) brain

*A collection of useful web stuff I found this week and passed on to the other peeps on the web team who also might be in need of a little inspiration. Thank you, internet! * * * *TypeTester - *lets you test and compare text in web safe fonts, change properties, and then grab the resulting css. It includes Google’s new (but still limited) font directory also.* * * * *Grid Based Web Design (tutorial) – *great little article on the benefits of setting up grid systems for the web, and how to do it in Photoshop and FW. *Modern Corporate website designs - *decent collection of business web designs from 2010 *Modal Windows* – all the rage, it seems. *For fun* (warning: nice design, highly addictive content)